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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learning UX Design can help kids learn about empathy, design, research, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking. Many of the methods taught in this course can also help with other subjects as well.

While this course was designed for 8 to 11-year-old students in mind, course content is suitable to be adapted for younger children with an interest in design, a strong imagination, and curiosity about their community.

Over the course of these lessons, they will imagine a design to address an issue in their community (in the form of an app, website, or physical product). Our suggested topics are: green energy, health & well-being, and animal welfare, but teachers can always substitute their own topics.

No, these lessons are focused on designing a product, and do not involve fabricating the product.

Lessons are embedded within an interactive games world, and concepts will be reinforced with mini-games and activities. The standard and premium versions will also provide a virtual teacher, but all plans come with lesson notes to make it easy for parents or teachers to teach the course themselves.

No, we will provide supplementary content so that you can feel comfortable teaching even if you are new to UX Design, or new to teaching. Parents and teachers will receive an overview pack that will explain the basics of the field, and each lesson will come with step-by-step lesson notes to assist you as you teach. The standard and premium plans will also come with a virtual teacher who can support or substitute live teaching.

No, there is no special software needed.

Yes, students will receive a certificate upon completing the lessons and their project.